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Google Chrome is the market leader when it comes to Web Browsers, and this position should hold for much longer. With a variety of features and frequent updates, Google Chrome is a secure browser for the user.

Among the great features that this browser offers us some stand out, such as lower resource consumption, loads pages faster, auto complete, private browsing, separate window, easy access to browsing history among several other features.

Updates to the latest Version 

Automatic Sound Blocker

The latest Google Chrome update released on 04/18/2018 highlighted the automatic video playback blocker with audio. This feature will end that hassle of when we’re listening to a song and out of nowhere starts playing other sounds that we don’t know where it comes from.

It is worth remembering that the user’s browsing history will directly influence the functionality of this feature. Items such as link in favorites, mute other videos, new tab open but not viewed, and other parameters will cause this feature to behave differently for each user.

Export Passwords

This is a very interesting feature especially for those people who have several registrations on sites that no longer remember how to access.

To be able to export your password, you’re using the Chrome version 66 or higher in: Menu, Help, and About Chrome.

Now go to this page and activate the Password Export option;


Restart the Browser

With the Option to Export Passwords Enabled, go to: Menu, Settings, Advanced, Passwords and Forms, Manage Passwords and finally Export Passwords.

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Google Chrome

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