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Download and Install Daemon Tools Lite

Daemon Tools is part of the select group of programs you should have installed on your PC. Even though it will not be used frequently at some point you will need it. Many people turn their physical media into ISO image for some reasons, to preserve the DVD from scratches, fall or even loss. And it is at this point that Daemon Tools has its great importance by being able to replace optical drive of CDs and DVDs emulating ISO files.

An important point is that this program works in the background, this means that it will start working as soon as computer has been booted and will continue to work without any user intervention. This function can be disabled by the user who will now control when the program will run.

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1º) To download the Daemon Tools Lite click on the Download Now button;

2º) The installation file will start downloading automatically. To get access to the file right-click on it and then show in folder;

3) Right-click on the installation file and run the program as administrator;

4) Click on the Free License button;

5º) Wait for the installation files to load and click Install;

6) Choose your preferred language and then click Next;

7º) Select the Free License option and then click Next;

8º) Check the desired options to create shortcuts and then click Next;

9º) Be careful not to install Avast Free together with the installation of Daemon Tools. To avoid installing Avast, uncheck the box where you requested your acceptance agreement, then click Next;

10) Uncheck the Run Daemon Tools Lite box and then click Close;

11º) The program shortcut has been added to the desktop;

12º) On this screen shows some steps on how to use the program. Let’s continue to complete the installation by clicking Skip Tutorial;

13º) Now are presented some advanced features that can be hired according to your need for use. Click Jump;

14th) Ready!!! Program installed and ready to be used.

Download Daemon Tools Lite

Daemon Tools Lite

Licença: Gratuita e PRO
Versão Disponível Para Download: Lite 10 (Grátis)
Tamanho Do Arquivo: 774KB
Principais Idiomas: Português, Inglês, Espanhol, Alemão, Francês
Sistema Operacional: Windows

If you prefer download from the developer website Daemon Tools.

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