Download And Install Ccleaner

Your computer is heavy, without agility, too slow to respond to commands??? And have you tried everything and once again tried it all over again and not solved your problem???

Do you miss that time that your computer was new and just a click for it to open the programs??? Get to know Ccleaner and reduce your problems!!!

Don’t waste any more time searching for cleaning and optimization programs on the internet. You get all this and more with the Ccleaner app. The main goal of this program is to free up space on the PC be it Windows, Android or MAC.

What Is Ccleaner???

Ccleaner is a computer optimization tool mainly cleaning the hard drive of corrupted or inactive files, allowing more space for music, photos, videos, files and various documents. In addition it is possible to clean files from installation records, browsing history and cookies.

Tip: Clean your computer periodically.

Advantages In Installing This Program

  • Scheduled cleaning;
  • Automatic updates;
  • Real-time monitoring;
  • Removes garbage from memory;
  • Optimizes disk space to prevent crashing;
  • Uninstalls Software;
  • Among others;

How To Download CCleaner

It is recommended to download through the official website to have no problems with possible modifications to the installation files of the program that may damage the computer.

This program has the Free version and the Pro version that contains additional features.

I Want to Buy pro version

Buy CCleaner PRO

Advantages In Installing This Program


Licença: Grátis
Idioma: Português
Sistema Operacional: Windows
Tamanho do Arquivo: 15,5 MB
Desenvolvedor: CCleaner

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