Dikd Drill

How To Download And Install Disk Drill For Windows 32 And 64 Bits

Disk Drill is a program for recovering files accidentally deleted or lost on the computer, external Hard Drives, Pen Drive or even memory card. On the official website of the program alone, more than 10 Million Downloads have been made, with 500,000 in the PRO version. This success is confirmed when looking at the user rating with 4.5 stars.

I deleted the file and now???

Before we begin the explanation of how this program works it is important to know that it offers two versions, the Free version with file recovery up to 500 MB and the PRO with Unlimited recovery.

Do not despair for having formatted the PC, cleaned the recycle bin, virus attack, power outage or deleted any file from the computer accidentally, by rules a recovery point is stored on the disk until another file comes and subscribes to it.

Explaining better …, the chance of recovery of any file increases and much when doing the recovery scan soon after deleting the files, this happens because the space it occupied in the HD remains empty getting there a “recovery point”, so another file occupy that space the chance of recovery can fall to 0.

Now that you know the importance of Disk Drill let’s start the installation.

1º) To download the program click on the Download Now button.

2º) As soon as you click the button the program will start to be downloaded automatically. To access the folder where it was stored right-click over the disk-drill-win file and then show in the folder;

3º) Now let’s start the installation process. Double-click the installation file or right-click and then install;

4º) A new window will appear, click Run;

5) On this screen click next;

6º) Choose the installation location of the program in Browse and then click Next;

7) Confirms the installation by clicking on the Next button;

8º) Ready, the program has been installed and is ready to be used;

9) The Disk Drill shortcut was created on the desktop;

10º) The program screen is shown automatically and a mini tutorial is presented.

Make Dowload Do Disk Drill For Free

Disk Drill Windows

Licença: Grauito e PRO
A versão gratuita recupera até 500 MB
Tamanho Do Arquivo: 16 MB
Sistema Operacional: Windows

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